Friday, January 14, 2011

Portrait Struggles

I had an old portrait sketch from a class practice.  I decided to try and make it more "complete."  This has proved to be such a challenge.  I'm posting my progress - still can't get the eyes and side of the face.  Maybe by posting it, I will be inspired to finish it.  I'm using  a wig stand with upper left lighting to try to get the values of the light and shadow.....quite a challenge!  However, it is really a good learning exercise!


  1. Looks great to me. Great job with the ear.

  2. Teresa,
    Thanks for your comments! For some reason, I haven't seen that I had any comments. I'll figure out how to check - or you might give me a hint. I just got a comment from someone who wants to post my paintings and give me credit - someone who was interested in Carla O'Connor and had done the production of her video.
    Thanks for your support!