Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to Painting

Well, I'm finally BACK to painting on a regular basis.  This summer was wonderful with trips to the mountains, to see my dad in Mississippi, to San Francisco, and to Alaska on a cruise.  However, with all of the going AND going to water aerobics and playing golf and bridge, I let my painting take a back seat.

Yesterday, I started a Creative Figure class at Andy Braitman's Studio.  Andy is so great!  He's a wonderful teacher and cheerleader.  He is also good about giving content-specific feedback.  He's encouraging us to try new techniques and to be creative.  I think I'm ready for this!

The painting above is one I finished today at my studio.  I have a new strategy.  I am going to try to finish a painting a day - either one that I started previously or a new one.  I've been reading a lot about learning through making mistakes.  I also read an article where an art teacher said that she encourages her newer (like me) students to finish a painting in three hours - to work on quantity as much or more than on quality.  This sounds like a good idea for me right now.  I tend to work and work and overwork and overwork paintings.  So, I'll blog about how this goes!