Saturday, December 1, 2012

Series Painting

I've never done "a series" of paintings - in other words, taking the same subject and experimenting with it in different ways.  Recently, a friend ask me to paint two small paintings of her as a child.  Her wish is to give them to her sisters for Christmas.  I've known and traveled with this friend for almost forty years.  The fact that she has cancer, made this assignment/commission even more special.  I hoped that I would be up to the challenge.  It was quite a challenge as the reference photo she gave me was only about 2x3 inches, black and white, and she was one of five people in the shot.  In addition, she wanted the paintings to be small - about 3x5 inches, so her sisters could put them on their desks.  Following are my renditions.  It was a pleasure to paint these for her.  I hope she'll find two that make her (and her sisters') heart sing!