Friday, December 3, 2010

Quotes to Consider

Took some time to read through some of my ever-accumulating art magazines and found some great quotes. 

The artist as a creator - rather than an imitator of nature.   (Henry Keeler)

We draw to discover, to gain understanding, to develop compassion.  We can't transcribe if we haven't seen.  Look while you have the opportunity.  This is a great moment that will never be repeated.  (Ellen Eagle discusses portraiture in The Pastel Journal)

Stay away from negative people.  Being an artist is challenging enough; surround yourself with those who support your choice.  (Sam Goodsell in The Pastel Journal)

Each time I set out to paint a portrait, I'm reminded of my own humanity.  The human experience is full of great triumph, disappointment, love, and loss.  For me, no other subject possesses a greater amount of complexity than the figure.  (Mario Robinson in The Pastel Journal)  

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